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2nd! Produce a fragrance five people "Shukuri, Azuma, Yuiga, Nijo, Toya" of characters appeared launched in September 2014 five characters in perfume "NORN9 NORN+NONET"

This product is a perfume along with the producers involved in the work the image of a character who appeared in "NORN9 Norns + nonet", reproduced commercialized faithfully with "fragrance" appeal to sense of smell thought to the character, soul, and love.

Reservation period: August 10, 2014 (day)
Release Date: September 2014 schedule

Perfume of NN Akito Syukuri
[Odor] supervision
Perfume of NN Natsuhiko Azuma
[Incense] Shipley
Perfume of NN Kakeru Yuiga
[Incense] green floral
Perfume of NN Sakuya Nijou
[Odor] citrus ozone
Perfume of NN Masamune To-ya
[Odor] Woody futher

<Product specifications>
■ Set contents
For Men and Women: Each 25mL eau de toilette
■ Product size
- Package size: W55 × D40 × H100 (mm)
· Perfume bottle size: W44 × D21 × H92 (mm)
product material
· Perfume bottle: glass
■ A production country: Japan

Sales Channel: Anime specialty store, mass retailers, online sales, etc.
Retail price: 4,000 yen each (tax inc.)
※ The product photos and specifications that have been posted on this page is under development. ※ It may be subject to change without notice product specifications. Please check the product sales page for the latest information.
Publisher: COZY WAVE