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[About NESCRE]
Imaginative power is driven, mysticity is explored and it remains in the inner part of memory... "The secret scent" which values its feeling of the world, a style, and individuality would be a concept, and I would like to send a comfortable scent. And it is the brand born by such thought to become a pleasant feeling and get above all.

[Goods concept]
Man's sense of smell is mystical feeling also in the senses that it is the easiest to remain in memory.
It reappears faithfully by it "being fragrant"! [ which is complaining of a thought of the manufacture persons concerned engaged in "a work title or a character", a soul, and love to the sense of smell ]
It is a perfume which can enjoy the view of the world of a work further from the angle different until now as well as a character.


COZYWAVE offers the surprise which crossed the border in creation of the goods and service which makes a visitor happy for "it is freely about the world at a subculture" by original viewpoint and planning ability of our company at corporate philosophy, and a subculture of Japan.

Our company is a company which does the promotion of the goods which feel a character through the senses.

If the heart is moved to wonderful music and picture, similarly, there will be a story in the work of a great scent, the heart will be reached at the moment of smelling, and beauty, pleasure, joy, sadness, and recollections will be impressed.

At the moment of having transposed to the favorite character, having closed eyes for the object, and smelling the scent for it, as virtual the interval which approaches two dimensions infinite as realistic can be felt as if the character was just needed at hand.

Since a scent has a method of touch, and liking by people, it inclines.
At first, people which were able to complete character images, such as the manufacture committee, the original author, and the voice actor, supervise copyright origin, and I am creating it in them.

Our company develops the perfume and cosmetics which used as the base the scent which starts an ANICOSME brand and makes a character imagine from now on.

Company Profile

Company Name COZY WAVE, LTD.
<Tokyo Office>
Office Circle N Gotanda 701, 5-22-37 Higashi Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, TokyoMAP
<Head Office>
Wakamatsu-cho 3-3-32, Tondabaya-shi, Osaka-Fu
2222 Kalakaua Ave.,Honolulu HI 96815 U.S.A
CEO Koji Takemoto
Business Content Import/Export/Distribution of food and household supplies
Manufacturing and distributing various goods
Planning and implementing Sales Production
Distributing fresh produce, preserved and processed foods
All events associated with these operations
Advertising operations
Main Financing Bank Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank, Kinki Osaka Bank