Privacy policy

Privacy Policy

We ask for our users to provide minimal personal information in order to safely use our services at “COZYWEB”.
At “COZYWEB”, we take great care in protecting the personal information that our users have provided.
The following is our privacy policy at “COZYWEB”.

  • ■The information provided by our members at registration will only be used to develop and provide advanced services and developments at “COZYWEB” and will handle our members’ personal information with utmost care.
  • ■The application range of this privacy policy is only for the service provided by “COZYWEB”. (The range is listed below under the 1st section)
  • ■We will not use private information for any other purpose apart from what is stated in this document. (The intent is listed below under the 2nd section)
  • ■We will not disclose any private information to a third party apart from what is stated in this document. (The management is listed below under the 2nd section)
  • ■We will regularly and properly manage private information as stated in this document.
  • ■“COZYWEB” can change this private policy without the consent of the user. When a change on the privacy policy content occurs, we will provide information on our website so that our users are informed and we will notify you when it is reflected on this privacy policy document.
1. The range of how our privacy policy will be applied
  • ■The privacy policy at “COZYWEB” will be applied when a member uses our service.
  • ■The personal information provided by the member when using our service will be managed according to this privacy policy.
  • ■We will protect personal information only when providing services and does not apply to other organizations and companies that are linked.
  • ■The user will take personal responsibility for using our services.
  • ■We are not responsible for any damages that were caused from visiting linked sites through our website.
    2.Collecting and using personal information
    In order for us to develop and provide the latest functions and services to our members, there is some personal information that is necessary when registering.
  • ■Please manage your shop ID and password
    • - Regularly change your password. We recommend you to avoid your name, date of birth, telephone number or any password that may be obvious to others.
    • - Please do not show, borrow or give your password to others.
    • - Please do not write your password on the email or on the Q&A section on our website.
  • ■We will only use the collected personal information when providing our services to our members and will withhold that from all third parties under the following circumstances.
  • ■When there is an agreement
    • - When we send out an email for an agreement to use the member’s personal information
    • - Companies that already have a nondisclosure agreement with our company (For example, subcontractors)
    • - Members who opt to receive emails and newsletters from us or our business collaborators
    • - If a “COZYWEB” member takes inappropriate actions against our user policy; we may use that member’s personal information if it is necessary to protect us, our partners or our other members.
    • - When a member’s personal information is requested by law or by the government. It may also be shared if it is necessary for investigations for a criminal offense or to prevent or rights violation and/or eliminate rights violation against a third party.
  • ■We ask the member agree to this contract with the above in mind and may not make any objections.
  • ■Under the following situations, we may share member’s personal information with our business partners:
    • - When there is a business reasoning, such as special services, for our members.
      In this situation, we will ask for you agreement before we provide your information. We will not provide any information without the member’s consent.
    • - When we create statistical information, conduct market research or data analysis.
      In this situation, we will only provide basic information that cannot determine a specific individual.
3. Contact Information
For further information or inquiries regarding the personal information stated on this document, please contact us at the following email address.

Personal Information Management Department: Koji Takemoto (

COZYWEB Customer Support 10:00-17:00