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Character perfume?

Does it know that a scent changes to a perfume with progress of time, such as a top note, a middle note, and a last note?
Moreover, when those from whom the same perfume is also different attach, it is a thing which changes the impression of a scent.
The concept of this article
the growth which changes and dies in a story by the every day which a character experiences -- a "perfume" -- it is expressing by change of a characteristic scent.
I think that a scent wipes away a prejudice just because it differs in the method of the method receptacle stop of touch by people, and it can respect each thought.

Q1.Character perfume?
The perfume which imagined Luffy?
>It is often called rubber smell w ^^;
Q2.How is it making?
>The thought to character, a soul, and love are manufactured with the maker engaged in a work.

☆The request received when making a scent
"-- from anyone -- good -- creating the sample of a scent as the character"3 pattern whose core it is hot with him, a sense of justice, liveliness, optimism, and humanity, and is strong against them -- it is determination at "it is this" by a tester meeting -- and as follows, the character changed the figure and is produced as a perfume.

【Perfume of ONE PIECE Ver.Luffy 】
The valiant scent in which a light feeling of green and a fresh scent change gently, and the heat of sandals wood makes a decision onboard consider.
Top note: Bergamot, lemon, ivy,figleaf
middle note:muguet, a jasmine, a rose, water lily
last note:musk, amber, sandals wood, oakmoss

At the last
Our company wants to consider discussion to which you are born by the consent and the counterargument felt separately, and relation to be the original communications which man has, and to become a friend who shares life and goes through a perfume.
COZY WAVE,.LTD. CEO Koji Takemoto

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THE perfume store now
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Perfume of ONE PIECE
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